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As the short sun of November sets, this project was started over 20 years ago, nature had taken hold when the original builder passed away, his project unfinished on the mountain top.

It is with great honor and humility that we carve back the forest, just enough to let the sunshine back in on his simple dream home. The electrical power system we have designed for this property will be revolutionary in so many ways, we hope it will be a templated for others to live more in harmony with the natural environment instead of extracting from it.

In coal country these sound like 'fighting words' but they are not. As it turns out, my grandfather (mom's side) and great-grandparents (dad's side) all called this land as their original homes. I did not know this when I agreed to buy "Bob McIntosh's Mountain"...

I just wanted to take my advice and buyDIRT.

#buyDIRT #offgrid #solar #offgridliving #cabinlife #DIRTRealty #bobwaun

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