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Box Builders

My day as a welder in the Box Studio was not a long day. The heat, fumes and lack of skill made it clear that banking might be a better career pursuit, but it sure was fun.

Shipping containers are typically 8' wide, 9' tall and 20 or 40' long. They are made of a special steel called Core-10, which when it rusts, it actually gets more air tight. The boxes are designed to be airtight, they can float and be stacked 8 high. 30,000 containers will fit on a single super-max ship.

If each container were a home for a family of 2-4 people, you could more 30,000 homes for 100,000+ people in one ship. When hurricanes hit Puerto Rico, 28,000 homes were destroyed. Could the answer be a single ship sailing into San Juan harbor?

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