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Care Free Medical: Lansing Michigan

This is our new lobby in 1100 W Saginaw, Lansing. It shows the amazing growth and history of Care Free Medical Clinic and the great work of this organization which is providing first class care at NO COST to patients in Greater Lansing Area. It has been one of my career and life honors to help make their new building happen with the top 2 floors, and over 16,000 square feet of dedicated facilities.

The idea sprang from a conversation I had in 2015 with my business partner Tamir Kazaz, who is originally from Isreal. He said in his country 'everyone is family and providing medical care to your family is simply something everyone agrees must be done.' I have always felt that all Americans are my family too. That people riding public transportation deserve the right to access medical care just as conveniently as people with cars. Tamir and I theorized that if you could put medical care on a bus route, and stack various types of care: a pharmacy, dental, medical, eye doctor, physical therapy, mental health, legal and government services etc - this would save time and make delivery of care less expensive.

We did this in our building at 1100 W Saginaw - by design, this was our plan and we made it happen in less than 30 months. From vacant 8 story building to 94% occupied!


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