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M1 Concourse: Car Lover's Disneyland

I'm proud to have met Brad Oleshansky early in 2013. He was looking for a land site to build DisneyWorld for car lovers, and I got it right away... He must be in Pontiac! Not Dan Gilbert's Detroit. The Emergency Manager of Pontiac, Lou Shimmel at the time was a 'get deals done' kinda guy, and there was a former GM Pontiac site, torn down, with 87 contaminated acres on the corner of Woodward Ave and South Blvd. It was perfect. Brad knew it.

Grit. Guts. Glory!

I remember kicking around The Palace of Auburn Hills at an Oakland County event when he was pitching the idea to the people 'in the know', they didn't get it. He didn't give up. Visionaries are only seen as genius in the rear view mirror. Kudos Mr. O.

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