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Solar doesn't work.

Yes of course solar doesn't work. WTH?

Show me something with more energy than the sun and I will agree with you. For those naysayers who believe solar doesn't work, I ask you, how does your iPhone work?

The world around us is rapidly converting their energy grid to solar and other forms of renewal engine. Deny the future at your loss, but fly over any city outside the US and you will many if not the majority of roof tops contain some or all solar panels.

Solar panels come at an initial and future cost that many are ignoring, I am not. Cadmium. It is a rare earth mineral which is needed in solar panel production. When they reach their useful life this is toxic waste. Think Flint water crisis X epic proportions.

What can be done with cadmium to recycle it in the future?

We didn't stop using fire because someone once got burned, we learned to manage the risks. The same is true with CdTe. Ask DIRT, we have ideas.

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