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Warehouse of Tomorrow?

The lack of available industrial space in South Eastern Michigan is becoming a growing concern for businesses and entrepreneurs. DIRT, a leading real estate development company, is taking action by building new and innovative storage options to meet the demands of the community.

One of the solutions DIRT is exploring is the use of solar power on the roof of carports. This not only provides a sustainable energy source, but also makes the most of the available space. Additionally, DIRT is focused on better land use ideas, such as creating multi-use facilities that can be used for storage and other purposes.

As Waun, the President of DIRT, states, "We understand the need for flexible and efficient storage options in South Eastern Michigan. That's why we're committed to developing innovative solutions that not only meet the demands of the community, but also contribute to a more sustainable future."

To learn more about DIRT's new storage options, visit their website at And for more information on architects and designers who are innovating the self-storage space, check out hashtags like #selfstoragedesign, #innovativestorage, and #sustainablestorage.

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