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What if you were part of the rebirth of a Great American City?

100 years from now, will people talk about you? Will someone look upon a building in which you left your fingerprint? It's highly unlikely that the average American soulless strip mall will be celebrated for it's historical significance.

But downtown Pontiac will likely be celebrated for it's historical architecture, even 100 years from now. I woke up this morning realizing that a child born today, will likely see the year 2100 at 80 years young.

80 years ago, was 1940. Downtown Pontiac was a roaring city, US Currency was being printed in the vaults of The Community National Bank of Pontiac. The streets were full of shoppers. What was, could be again.

Will you be a part of making history, or making scars on this earth? What will your grandchildren celebrate about you?

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