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Dirt reality

Off-Grid Power Plant

Off-grid Power Plant Trailer 

Remote Land? No Access to The Grid?
Improve any property now. Instant value increase.

42% of America is 'off-grid'. These remote parcels of land sell for deep discounts  in value. Now you can instantly improve and use any property in the USA. Our Off-Grid Power Station can power your remote office, cabin, getaway-stayaway, farm, work site or more.


Flexible built-to-order configurations with Solar, Wind, gas-Propane generators, EV charging port, Satellite enabled internet, and dual source battery backups is the solution you have been looking for, and in a budget you can afford. 

Dirt Reality


Standard configuration includes a 5 or 10 hour battery back up. The trailer is expandable for up to 90 hours of battery back up. 

High Efficiency - Advanced Technology 

The trailer system allows for security, and storage when not in use. If a hurricane or storm is headed your way, why leave all your solar panels, wind turbines at risk in a fixed array. The ability to move your power station allows for season adjustments of your array as well. 

Need to move power around your acreage? We've pre-thought your needs. Hitch up your power station and take it out to the back 40, or back 1,000 acres of your ranch. 

Need water? We have a solution for producing 5-10 gallons of drinking water, without a well, as well! 

Dirt Reality
Dirt Reality

Military Grade

Contingency planning, redundancy is key to our system and product. We have multiple layers of safety to ensure you always have the connectedness and power you need - better than any grid. 

If the sun isn't out, the wind is typically blowing? No wind or sun, you have a battery back up. Batteries have finally run dry? Fire up the gas generator. Out of gas? Switch to propane, diesel.  After all of this... the sun still hasn't come back out?


We have one more fail-safe if you want to add it to your system. 

Our power plant is modular and can be expanded in stages to meet your needs and design. 

Why Wind Turbines, too?

Most solar companies focus only on solar power with a battery back up. We felt it was important to add supplemental wind. Studies have proven that wind and solar have an inverse relationship to one another, keeping your batteries always full and recharging is key to the high efficiency of our system. 

Dirt Reality

Let's Design your Power Station?

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