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Am I an Asshole?

Someone recently called me an Asshole. In fact, they called me 'a racist asshole', and others jumped on to trumpet these words - not because they knew me, or my heart, but because they thought they saw an opportunity to leverage me, shake me down for $$, or prove some point.

It hurt. I have never considered myself a racist nor an asshole. It caused me a tremendous amount of introspection, reflection and self analysis... all good things to do at midlife, or before, or often.

I've concluded "to know me is to love me, and those who cross me should fear me". Let's leave it at that. Defamation lawsuits to follow... memories may fade, but wrongs must be set right.

If you ever you find yourself in a 'being cancelled' situation I hope you have true and good friends, too. They will help you see the sunshine at the horizon. The people around you with character reveal the true value of your life's work. If you are alone, look in the mirror. If you are in a crowd, look in the mirror. If you find faults, know you are human, and humans can improve. If you only see faults, get a new mirror -- the one you are looking in is broken.

We are all good people, trying to be better. The true racist assholes have agendas, and they typically are the ones shouting about race.

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