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Banking on Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones are extremely interesting to accountants and real estate investors, whom... LISTEN TO THEIR ACCOUNTANTS.

Why? It's never simple when you talk about tax code, but here it goes... Combine OZs with Cost segregation depreciation = near zero basis in 10 years = $0 in capital gains tax.

Let's try to say the same thing in a story format.

BENEFIT #1: You buy a building today with $100,000 in capital gains. You get to defer/delay paying $20,000 (20%) in CG Tax. In 7 years you will pay $16,000 in CG Tax = $4000 saving.

BENEFIT #2: Let's assume this building produces $10,000/year in NOI (10 cap). You had cost segregated the depreciation and can write off $8,000/yr for the next 10 years. You pay income tax on only $2000/yr. (over 10 years you get $100,000 in income, but only paid tax on $20,000)

BENEFIT #3: You sell this building in year 10 for $150,000. But because of depreciation you have a basis of just $20,000. This is a $130,000 gain! You pay $0 in taxes.

BENEFIT #4: Re-read #3. Add it up. $100,000 in income + $50,000 in actual appreciation in gain. You pay income taxes on $20,000, and cap gains taxes of $0, and have saved $4000 on your previous gain (while deferring this payment for 7 years - TVM).

BENEFIT #5: RE-READ 1-4 again. Ask yourself, shouldn't you be investing in Opportunity Zones today?


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