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This photo was taken at sunset, San Diego's Point Loma is 40 miles in the distance. The metal bull is a BBQ grill.

Someone thought, let's grill a dead cow carcass inside a fake metal cow. You ever see the signs of a jolly fat pig on a BBQ restaurant sign? Or a cute dancing chicken on the package of flesh in the grocery fridge? WTF! I mean really WTF?

I can understand eating meat, I ate meat most of my life. But... once you realize that these sentient creatures have souls, emotions and families. That they often trust their captors right up until the slaughter house doors open. Once this reality sinks in.

The knowledge becomes hard to turn away from as truth. If karma is real. If sin is hurting God's creatures, enslaving them for our benefit. Dominating others for our pleasure.

Yes, I know, when our ancestors, the cavemen, didn't have Kroger or Beyond Meat, and had to choose between starvation and eating the family dog or cat, the choice was easier than it is for us. We have yummy choices, which happen to be more healthy for us, and don't cause pain and death to others.

Simply put, do we really want to grill the real cow flesh inside a fake metal cow BBQ? Let's start by drawing the line here.

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