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Can you see it too?

In the 1960s, architecture had taken a sad turn. Buildings were being designed with 'fortification' in mind. The urban unrest, and even riots influenced the design of corporate and government buildings with safety first, and self containment. That the interior of the building would hold 'everything people needed' so they wouldn't need to lease the building.

The cars were being separated from people. And people separated from nature. The idea in design was to create separate and distinct spaces for different uses.

Division does not create human harmony. We can see this in places like the RenCen, former Kmart HQ in Troy, and Ottawa Towers in Pontiac.

You cannot find the 'front door' of any of these buildings. They are separated from the community and they are maze like inside. The austere facades are bland. They are car-focused.

How do you soften and humanize such structures? How do they grow and adapt to be appealing places to work or live?

Ask DIRT. We've got ideas.

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