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Getting High(er)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Vast. On a cross country flight, America is vast. The cities dot the greenery below. As night falls the lights resemble the map on the seat back screen Delta airlines provides me now.

Getting higher above a city helps you frame the opportunities below, and it is clear to me that our agriculture is too far from our city's populations. Moving this food to the city dwellers is the next challenge as we strive to live better lives. As the cities consume the farm land around them, instead of being build in coordination, urban farming/vertical farming and rooftop farming is the next big trend.

Cannabis cultivation is a fad. There is only so much pot the world needs. And the money pouring into this effort, like any other over grown crop will be lost on many levels. But what will the by-product of indoor, LED, hydroponic, high-tech urban pot growing be?

  1. Young people who are stoked about farming!

  2. Innovation which will make growing herbs, radishes, super foods profitable in urban indoor growing labs and high production facilities,

  3. More nutritious, delicious super foods,

  4. Food which is fresher, think farm box to table - cut and served within minutes of being picked from the rooftop,

  5. New kinds fo hybrid foods which may be heirloom and organic, because inside the bugs and environment can be controlled

  6. More plant-based people. Less meat eaters and...

  7. A solution to Climate change.

Yep, I said it.

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