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Dan invented automatic paper towel dispenser, then crashed this plane.

This fuselage was arranged to be the next airbnb 'experience' at Danville, FL. Dan, the founder of Danville is an inventor & artist and his canvas is 30 acres north of Orlando near the Psychic hamlet of Casadega. Haven't heard of either place? These are experiences. And in talking with Dan, it's 'new experiences' that people, particularly young people crave.

His airbnb experiences include a converted airplane hangar, a treehouse, a jet engine hot tub, alpaca, goats, a yurt, an airstream with a spa inside, a Man Cave. Every cottage gets an interesting golf cart or segway.

While we were in residence, there were a couple young Chinese 'tiktok' stars (20 million viewers) filming multiple experiential segments at Danville. The world is getting more curious...

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