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Get Over Your Historic T-111 siding

This shit hole, foreclosed home was, well, a money pit. We bought it off Fannie Mae and poured in sweat and money until it looked like this. Nope, I didn't consult the Historic Review Board, when I decided to paint it white. White is the color it should be. Nope I didn't ask their permission to remove the 1990s T-111 siding or the bars from the windows or doors.

Yep. I got in big trouble for not kissing the ring of the historic commission and paid fines and got delayed in our sale. It was also the last house I renovated there for 3 years.

Capital goes where it's appreciated. Historic commissions need to get over their power trips and work with homeowners and investors, be easy to work with, you get more bees with honey than a stick.

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