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Importance of DIRT: Winter Prep

The best season for gardening is.... surprisingly, Late FALL, and Early Winter.

When your garden appears to be dying is when you really need to dig in.

It's time to get rid of any diseased plants, bug infestations and leave the rest standing. Remove all those invasive weeds. Start amending your soil, find some logs with mushrooms, especially turkey tails, and bury 60% of the log into your dirt in the garden. Consider planting some cover crops like rye or clover. We like to add mulched up leaves. Prune your perennials back, each plant is different, use care here. Divide your bulbs and propagate them into other areas of your yard.

A little prep in the fall and your garden will spend the winter months building a biome for the spring sprouting.

In some ways, this is just like our lives, a little prep today leads to better future results.

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