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Is Solar a reality or does it require Tax Incentives?

"In school we were told that the sun has enormous amounts of energy. It beams 10 000 times more energy than we can use at us, every day -for free.

So there really is no shortage of green energy. Except at night, and when the wind isn't blowing.

Almost all industrial processes use thermal energy. And almost all that heat is generated from burning stuff, increasing the CO2 in our atmosphere.

We founded Kyoto to develop solutions to capture and manage the abundant energy from renewable energy sources and apply it to reduce the CO2 footprint for industrial process heat." - from Kyoto Group.

Sounds too good to be true, right? But take a moment, in the sunlight and feel the power. Its real. Its beaming down on us. We can measure it and we know inheirently this is true fact. The sun is a powerful resource which can be harnessed.

But, what about cloudy days. Part of the misnomer of solar is you need sunshine to make it work. The radiation from the sun can still tan and burn you on cloudy days, and the same energy is harvested by todays' advanced solar panels.

What about subsidies and tax credits? Too much for this blog post...

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