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Look beyond what is, to what COULD BE...

It took a team of world class architects from Miami (DPZ Associates) a week of study and great ideas to come up with the CNU Plan for the Phoenix Center in downtown Pontiac.

What if you could drive into a parking structure, up to the 5th floor, and park right outside your condo/apartment's back door. Carry your groceries right in steps from your covered parking spot and right out onto a balcony which overlooked downtown. Up another floor from your unit is a 4 acre rooftop park with gardens and food from plants. There is also tennis courts, a concert venue, the public library with weekly lectures and diverse ages coming together in a public commons.

You can then walk out into downtown, hit the Strand Theater for a show, Fillmore 13 for a beer and burger, a night cap at Liberty Bar. This is so close to a reality... will you be part of it?

Ask DIRT. We know how you can take a piece of the action.

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