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Mr. Jaing built this.

Dan Redford, from Frankenmuth, Michigan is the tall handsome Lutheran to my left (on the right in this picture, you can figure this out). He was our translator, and spoke mandarin in a surprisingly perfect manner.

Mr. Jaing was our host. He built this Lutheran catherdral in Tijan China. One of the very few in China. A christian, he had made fortune manufacturing the 'shark fin antenna' for automobiles and now he wanted his children to have US Citizenship. The EB5 program and the City of Pontiac Michigan provided an opportunity to bring Global win-win together.

But the environmental smog of China caused Mr. Jaing lung cancer, and we never executed on our vision for a cross border alliance. He was an amazing man, the vision to united our countries thru capitalism and shared values was cut short. This was a fun day. I enjoyed learning about his devotion and belief in higher powers which propelled his life.

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