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Office Space. Obsolete?

Yikes. At DIRT we own a lot of office space and the thought that its all obsolete was asked often in 2020. I recall attending the ICSC (retail real estate) conference in 2012. The experts were downplaying the impact that online shopping would have on retail sales.

And a dinner conversation I had with a hotel franchise owner, where he told me AirBnB was a fad and could never scale to compete with the hotel or even the motel business.

Needless to say, I'm concerned America may have more office space than it will ever need again. This is where we shine at DIRT.

Rapid rethink, and innovative placemaking. Our team has the experience to move a project from concept to cutting edge re-positioning.

Ask DIRT. #askDIRT #DIRTRealty #commercialrealestate #opportunityzones

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