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Out of Context.

This image from the incredible Saudi Arabia pavilion at Expo 2020. Am I covered in black and white paint or is this a projected illusion? Is the orb behind me real or is it flat mirrors? (its flat mirrors - not everything we see is real).

The same is true about out of context statements. I realize that much of what I write in this blog could be snipped, clipped and taken out of context to offend our overly Political Correct 'free speech' culture today. I never want to deeply offend anyone, but it would be nice to shake our collective thoughts. I ask a lot of questions, of myself, many of which have no definitive answer, opinions are the same. I see gray, and evolution is progress.

If you're offended by anything I or others write, you might want to get context before you react. Stop looking in mirrors as thinking they're real.

It's not lost on me, nor should it be on you, that I included a post from the Saudi Arabian exhibit. A society which is in fast transition, struggling with a world of great transparency and less dogmatic principals. A fight toward and away from 'modernity'. Women recently began to drive on its streets, while in America we debate bathroom traffic. Progress is gray, both are progress and should be celebrated as such. See it any other way and you're a fundamentalist, IMO.

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