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Politics When People Spoke Civilly

This is US Congressman David Trott, and Israeli Knesset member Orin Hasan speaking in the Indian Hill Wine Cellar in 2015. Tzvi Koslowe brought Mr. Hasan to Pontiac as part of a trade mission and tour, I was later honor to join them in Jerusalem at the Knesset and the wailing wall.

I was proud to show how 'old our cellar was' and the 1824 foundation wall of the Yellow Tavern, where Alexis de Tocqueville wrote a chapter of his book "Democracy in America". The irony of this and this evening was lost on no one, but Orin showed me what real history was as we went down several stories below the wailing wall and the walls of the temple which were under excavation at that time.

Politics should be civil. People must disagree, and must speak, be heard but most important hear. We have 2 ears, and one mouth, they should be used in the same proportion.

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