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Pontiac: A dark history of Racism

How did the English identify the Native Indian Population? They had darker skin, and because of this genetic variation, the English treated the natives with less respect. This lead to Pontiac's rebellion on the fort at Detroit.

Is the same rebellion still brewing today? How is this still happening on our world today? Have we not evolved? Without placing blame, it is a deep in our historical traditions, how do we stop this?

"With an arrogant ethnocentrism, the English viewed Indians as outsiders, living within English jurisdiction but without the full membership of citizenship. Among other things, this often meant that Indians could be punished for labor or play on the Sabbath, as well as other offenses toward the English religion." - 1712.

Man has historically created ways to 'divide and conquer' or inflict power and control over one another simply by creating a tribe. You are either in one tribe/group/sect or another. By creating a separation, tribes have reasons to look down or look up to each other. Without tribes we are just individuals. Without group-think we are alone. Tribes have been useful throughout mankind's history. Call a tribe: religion, culture, profession, alma mater, club membership or skin color.

Tribes have also been the single most destruction invention of humans.

How does this effect real estate? Consider - redlining was invented in Detroit. Zoning, planning, government jurisidications, school districts are all means of dividing and creating tribes. Real estate values prove that tribalism is still alive and well in our group-think mental insanity. We can't even imagine a world without these divisions?

Next... Pontiac is a tribe, and this mindset has been destructive. This is why it is the poorest place in wealthy Oakland County. Change this mindset, create prosperity?

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