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Pontiac: Below the surface

As we have dug in, the buildings and the foundations tell us stories which have been plastered over in the name of Progress. Truth comes in so many shapes and forms. Disappointingly, it doesn't seem to line up with the history I was made to memorize in childhood classrooms.

DIRT invites you to tour the catacombs of Pontiac with us. Listen with your ears, share the stories you hear. Let's tell them from your viewpoint too?

"Son, you've got 2 ears, 1 mouth. Wisdom comes from using those in proportion." - Granddad Hoyt

I talk, write and tell a lot of stories. I assure you, I still follow my Granddad's advice. I hear 2x what I say. This blog is just the tip of the preverbal ice berg of stories our buildings have told me.

Next... Why Pontiac?

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