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Pontiac: No Money, No Pride

Replace the word 'money' with 'power', and Bob was more accurate. We are given the power to one person/one vote. Yet we all inherently understand how flawed and powerless this really makes us when the division of rich and power is so amazingly vast - not just in America, or Oakland County - but in our human world.

The power to influence, congeal, convince, sway, persuade, or control. The world you want to live in, starts with you. Can one person make a difference?

History, true and fictional versions, suggest yes, you do have this power as an individual. But you have more power if you can lead a tribe of like minded persons.

A lie told well enough, long enough, can become history - thus power.

The lie for today is that Pontiac is poor. That is not truth. In it's 57,000 citizens, 100s of companies and 27 square miles of BEST located real estate is riches greater than the surrounding cities (tribes).

Here's another fact, The Indians knew the best real estate, they knew every inch of this region. They settled the hilltop, trailhead (Saginaw Trail) and river crossing Clinton - where downtown Pontiac is located - FIRST.


Downtown Pontiac is the BEST real estate in this area. Any other history of blight and decay is recent past, not fact. And fact of place trumps, lies of recent history.

Grab your pride, your tribe... let's tell a new story?

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