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Pontiac: Supporting YOUR Hometown Team

I will offend every sports fan today.. here it goes. Tribalism is a learned trait. My school team is better than yours, therefore I am better than you. Pontiac felt this way too, so did General Gladwin. So does Putin, Trump and Biden and... the cheerleader or the parent in the stands. The World War 1 soldier that blow torched the bunker or the guy that cut you off in line at the super market. Better. Righteous. Division lives in our actions.

The southside of Wallace Street is less valuable by 30% because it is in the Central School District, which has lower test scores and a higher population of students from (not your) tribe.

We have codified and taught division in every sporting event and built massive institutions to divide and conquer the human race.

Why does Pontiac have the lower rated schools in Oakland County? All kinds of answers to all kinds of questions, yet is there any truth? How is it that a home in neighboring Bloomfield Hills is worth $1M and in eyesight of a $60,000 home in Pontiac?

Can we unwind this codified value system? Start with sports. But what's the point of a game with no winner and no loser?

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