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Pontiac: Throw in Corn and Blankets

Yep I said it. So did a prominent Oakland County government leader in the last decade. Our true history tells us those blankets were infected with Small Pox, and they were far more effective at subduing the Native American population than were the rough rider rifles.

I grew up watching the cowboy & indian western movies showing brave battles were single bullets paved the way for the Great American West to be won. But the truth is far less heroic, it was germ warfare, which was presented as gifts of warm blankets and food.

"Natives had never experienced smallpox, measles or flu before, and the viruses tore through the continent, killing an estimated 90% of Native Americans."

An old man once told me "Bobby, you don't want to know how hot dogs (the great american food) are made."

Stop reading this blog now if you still eat hot dogs, or believe history is pure truth.

The land on which all cities are built tells stories in the layers below the surface. I once stood at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, touched history and then was invited on a private tour of into excavated tunnels beneath. There was the truth, 5 stories down, hidden from a thousand years of our history. Every city has catacombs and ruins of previous generations who were conquered, destroyed - in the name of tribal righteousness.

What's Pontiac's tribe covering up?

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