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Punta Gorda, Florida After Ian

This is trailer park after Hurricane Ian hit Punta Gorda Florida in October 2022. Trailers are one of the only 'affordable forms of housing' in America today, and this is not progress for our society. I owned a couple Airstream trailers which were parked very near this property, my Airstreams, 1984 and 1978 construction realized ALMOST ZERO DAMAGE in 180 mph winds and flood waters. Why?

Airstream trailers were first designed after World War II by aircraft manufacturers and engineers. The construction process is aerodynamic and built to withstand wind force, maybe not 180 mph, but clearly they fared much better. Since most classic airstreams sell for under $40,000 today, they are an elegant, stylish and well appointed form of affordable housing. Which is why I began collecting and restoring them as home prices were rising in the last few years. I suggest that if zoning rules were amended, creativity were employed... that a new subdivision of highly stylized and sophisticated modern, ultra-modern and retro-modern housing could be designed by aircraft and boating engineers -- all of which could withstand the coming increases in climate distortions.

Get out of the trailer home box, let's make some affordable -- aerodynamic and floating housing which future generations will want to collect rather than tear down and burn?

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