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Sunflowers. Take another look?

Sunflowers are not just a pretty face - they also have incredible phytoremediation benefits. Phytoremediation is the process of using plants to remove toxins and pollutants from soil and water. Sunflowers are particularly effective at this because of their deep tap roots, which can break up hard soils and reach deep into contaminated areas.

Not only do sunflowers help to clean up the environment, but they also provide a habitat for birds and wildlife. Additionally, sunflowers have a wide range of uses, from producing cooking oil to creating natural dyes.

In the US, sunflowers are a valuable crop with a market value of over $700 million. But their benefits go beyond just economic value - they can also help to make soil healthier and prevent erosion by serving as wind breaks.

As Bob Waun, a broker at DIRT Realty, notes: "In Tuscany, sunflowers are used to create beautiful landscapes and attract tourist attention. They're like the Kardashians of the plant world - everyone wants to take a picture with them!"

If you're interested in learning more about the phytoremediation benefits of sunflowers, check out this research report published by the USDA. And if you're looking to add some sunflowers to your own garden, consider purchasing seeds from a reputable supplier like Johnny's Selected Seeds or Burpee.

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