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Surprisingly Strong Market!

Home sales are up 14%, with the highest prices in over a decade. Industrial real estate in the Detroit market is a sizzling hot 98.7% occupied (which means it's over 100% occupied). Home builders can't find labor or materials. Vacant lot sales are even up, which means that future projects are planned and rolling.

Is this a sugar high from all that stimulus this summer? Are market makers betting on post election and COVID-relief rallies? Or are we knee deep in a another bull market?

You have to be surprised. There is a disconnect somewhere. I personally like upside surprises, and this was not the predictions of every media outlet last spring. The end was near, and this summer was to be the worst on record.

And yet, marina gas sales where 'stronger than ever' - one marina owner told me they sold 'more gas in July than in the last 3 summers combined!'. Consumers couldn't find a camper to buy. Bicycles, Kayaks, toilet paper and Isopropyl alcohol were sold out at Walmart most of the summer!

Maybe our Christmas presents will be just as positive?

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