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The Power of FREE.

There's a few books on the subject of The Power of FREE stuff to grab attention.

This old barn was hidden behind vines and overgrowth on a property we bought this summer. As the leaves fell this fall, we found it. It's huge. Its historic barn wood with old white oak beams. Its rotten. The City will make it be torn down. Tearing down such a structure can cost $5-10,000. Or if we place a Facebook Marketplace ad, and offer FREE barn wood... nearly 20 people raced to take a share of the FREE wood supply here.

Fun. One couple is building a Chicken Coop in Flint. Another is decorating their garage with old barn wood. One lady is making furniture for her cottage this winter. I like FREE. I like recycling and reuse. I like history and preserving it, even better if we can spread it around in creative new forms!

Ask DIRT. We've got FREE stuff.

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