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Town or Country?

Urban living was the trend for young people the last decade. The trend looked like it would continue into infinity up until COVID. Only a very few, seasoned home builders, were betting on the suburbs. They told me 'young people will get older, they will have children and they will want backyards, fences and larger suburban homes.' It seemed like these guys were outta touch with the youth, hipster kids who wanted to walk to urban bars, dining and parks.

But COVID has accelerated the future. I'm watching my young(er) friends Instagram feeds. They are posting 'backyard livestock', 'farm life', 'agrihood living' as aspirational dreams. The tiny house movement is still out there, so is van-life, but could our youth wish to return to large country estates and farm life? Could acreage be the next trend?

If you can work from home, and spend your workday-zoom-calls, punctuated by picking fresh berries, eggs and riding your llamas, is this the X/Y/Z-Gen dream?

If so, time to go long on suburban/quasi-urban and outburb land tracts!

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