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What an Office Building should look like...

Strolling between Wilshire and Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills at just after dawn, I saw well suited banker types filing into this office complex, which reminded me more of a commune or estate... and very much like the Scientology Campus in Clearwater (where I financed the Station Square Condo Hotel project in 2010 - more on that in another blog post).

This was not an estate, or was it? It is Platinum Equity's offices. Wow! I know this company... Mr. Gores the principal is from Flint, Michigan and owns our Detroit Pistons. Very cool, I thought. How could a young man from Flint rise to control such an amazing piece of property for his personal offices? I began to google search for more info. Impressive. Just in and take a look for yourself. Platinum and Mr. Gores - what an American Success Story!

#DWD (damn well done)

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