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Why is DIRT so interested in Norway?

"In 2020 more than 70 percent of all cars sold in Norway were electric ones. Equally important is the number of newly registered electric cars or in other words, car sales. Diesel accounted for only about 16 percent of newly registered cars in 2019."

EV Charging stations are everywhere in Norway, and yet they are a cold climate, and we all know that batteries die out faster in the cold. Why is Norway so advanced?

I'm going to weave a bunch of blog posts together, and starting with this one. You will need to read the entirety to get the whole picture, and this is by design. At the end, we will announce why DIRT is long Norwegian tech.

Some first some facts:

  1. Jan 2021: Norway Sovereign Wealth Fund announces it has sold the last of its investments in oil and gas fossil fuel companies.

  1. The fund still earned $120 Billion in 2020.

  2. With shares in more than 9,000 companies spanning 74 countries worth an estimated 1.5 percent of total global investments, the wealth fund may be, as US environmentalist Bill McKibben tweeted, “earth’s single biggest pool of investment capital.”

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