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Why is Solar so Expensive?

They don't need to be. They can be a cost effective way to supplement the power in your home, and provide back up power vs buying a generator. The key will be installing the panels yourself, or finding a low cost installer who is all capable of doing a good job.

Some important considerations:

  • Solar panels are more productive in sunny locations. There is more solar radiation hitting their surface, which means they can produce more electricity. But even in gray places, solar panels can work.

  • Solar energy is more valuable in places with expensive electricity.

  • With net metering, the local power company purchases any electricity produced by your solar panels that is not used at home. This should be less important, because most homes will use the power a roof top full of solar will generate.

  • Depending on how large your solar panel system is, it may be possible to bring the power bill down to zero, or even accumulate a balance in your favor. But even if you simply supplement your bills, it can be value, start there and expand.

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