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Will there be civil unrest in America?

My granddad, Hoyt Centers told me stories of the Great Depression and WW2. About the aftermath of WW2 in Germany and how he was an Army Captain during the 'occupation of Germany'.

The relief rally which occurred after the war in Europe was a topic he spoke about often. We hear about wars, but not always the emotions after the bombings and gunfire stops.

No American civilians understand 'war' or even civil unrest. Shooting a gun in a firing range is far different from bullets flying near the Burger King or Sunoco station. Remember when a single crazy shooter was sniper shooting in DC? The whole USA-country was on panic.

Media sources are talking about militias like its a common american experience. Insanity.

Civil unrest in the USA would be the end of the world's civilization, if it could happen here like in the streets of Yemen, Bagdad, Rwanda, Kiev - the world order would be flipped.

Gun stores recently have been cleaned out. Bullets are unavailable. Idiots who call for 'defunding police' -- simply have never studied history.

God bless America, and civility. Remember if Aliens arrive tomorrow, we are all a united front. And if they don't, we are better together than apart.

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