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Winter Binge Watching: For Real Estate Pros

In 2010, at The ARDA (American Resort Developers Association) conference in Orlando, I had the privilege of meeting David Siegel and the owner of Westgate Resorts, a private Timeshare Empire he built. He was in foreclosure/work out on the Planet Hollywood in Vegas, my client was trying to buy it and recapitalize it. We spent several days lost in spreadsheets, data and Central Florida AC'd conference rooms.

Mr. Siegel was graceful under pressure. His jet was grounded but he clearly was not.

The Queen of Versailles movie started filming before the Great Recession and follows his 'fall from opulence'. I would like to see a sequel made, because Mr. Siegel rises again to dominate the resort world once again. He lost it, and made it all back and more.

I respect men of daring, ego and balls. He had/has and will likely die with big balls. Say what you will, but people who face adversity and smile earn my respect.

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