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Building new roads

I've developed a few properties in the last 35 years. Never have I built a 3.5 mile road, and frankly, I can't take credit for this one either. But I was part of the construction of this road and we did a few things differently.

The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. But any urban planner will tell you that a road without a terminus viewpoint is a boring road. If you don't have a chruch steeple, a waterfall, or another beautiful feature to end your road into, curve the road, make the road the viewpoint.

We succeeded in making a beautiful road, along a ridge rising up a mountain, around a bend, and another bend. Just enough roll to make a roller coaster envy, but not too much where my Airstreams would bottom out.

Roads are metaphors which represent a journey from-and-to. I hope the legacy of this road is from yesterday, to tomorrow - in many ways.

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